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Best Dallas Personal Injury AttorneyMy philosophy is simple: If I am given the privilege of representing a client, I understand that I work for the client.  My job is to prosecute my client’s rights under the law with the same vigor and passion that the client would use for themselves. Over the years as a Dallas personal injury attorney, I have consistently operated my law practice on this philosophy while also recognizing the importance of developing a one-on-one relationship with my clients based on personal trust and mutual respect.  In my office, you are not a “file-number.”  You are a person who is on a first-name basis with your lawyer.

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Nothing can be more devastating to a person or their family than a wrongful death or serious personal injury.  You, and everyone around you, suffer physically, financially, and emotionally, while everything you have worked for in your life crumbles before your very eyes. You find yourself overwhelmed by medical expenses, loss of income, and a general loss for what the future holds.  You are now in frightening and unfamiliar territory.  You have no choice but to get your life back on track.

If you are the victim of a personal injury caused by the carelessness or negligence of another, the law gives you certain rights.  You cannot afford to entrust these important matters to a lawyer unless you are convinced that the lawyer is working for you.

Free Initial Consultation

Robert C. Slim, Attorney at Law, offers all new case call a free initial consultation for your wrongful death and personal injury case.  This means that you will speak with the principal lawyer directly, and not a paralegal, secretary, or staff investigator.  Therefore, you will be sure that you are getting reliable legal advice about your case, and not a scripted response.

Settlement Satisfaction Policy

During your free initial consultation, you will be able to get detailed information about how attorney’s fees are calculated and paid.  You will also learn about Robert C. Slim’s “Settlement Satisfaction Policy.”  Sadly, too many personal injury lawyers enforce their fee agreements without due regard for the amount being recovered by the client.  Robert C. Slim has this policy in place to address that issue.  Now, you can retain the legal services of Robert C. Slim with the trust and confidence that he is looking out for your best interest.  Call for more details.

If you have been the victim of a wrongful death or serious personal injury, contact a Dallas injury attorney for a free initial consultation and personal case review.


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