LEWISVILLE, TEXAS – A motorcyclist was killed in a collision with another vehicle in Lewisville.  The accident occurred on Friday, October 21, 2022, according to the Cross Timbers Gazette.

The fatal incident occurred at the intersection of FM 407 (also known as Justin Rd.) and Garden Ridge, Blvd., in Lewisville.  Initial reports state that, at about 5:15, PM, the motorcycle was eastbound on FM 407 when he entered the intersection.  At that time, a pick up truck was attempting a left turn when the collision occurred.

Eye witnesses state that the motorcyclist was in the right lane and then changed lanes to the left just before entering the intersection in order to avoid traffic that was stopped in the right lane.

Lewisville Police Department is investigating the crash and will determine which vehicle had the green light and right of way at the time of collision.  Police are also trying to determine if speed was a factor in the collision.

Robert’s Accident Summary & Opinion

Fatalities in motorcycle accidents are not uncommon.  In this particular crash, witnesses will be more important than ever.  If the motorcycle driver had the green light, then the police report will likely conclude that the pick up truck failed to yield the right of way at the intersection.  However, speed may have also played a role if it can be shown through reliable evidence that the motorcycle was traveling too fast for the circumstances.

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