Boating Accident Attorney

Boating Accident Attorney

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas

Are you in need of a Dallas boating accident lawyer? If you live in the Dallas area, you know that we enjoy our boats, jet skis, and personal watercraft. But we also know that boating accidents are far too common. Losses resulting from a boating accident can range from wrongful death to serious personal injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, as well as physical pain and mental anguish. The only way you can be sure that your boating accident case will be properly handled is to hire an experienced Dallas boating accident attorney to represent you. Not only will Robert C. Slim, Attorney at Law, know how to prepare your boating accident case for maximum value, he also knows how to properly negotiate your claim to get the highest possible settlement.

Texas ranks sixth in the nation for the number of registered boats in the United States. Texas also has more square miles of inland waters than any other state. Therefore, it is no mystery that boating is a very common recreational activity in Texas. But with the popularity of boating comes the frequency of boat related accidents, injuries and fatalities.  The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department reports more than 150 boating accidents annually (including personal watercraft). Additionally, alcohol also plays a major role in approximately 50 percent of these accidents, while 85 percent of boating fatalities also involved victims who were not wear life jackets.

The operator of a boat or personal watercraft must exercise reasonable care. Failure to do so will subject the driver to liability should their negligence result in injury or death to another person. Just like cars, boat owners carry liability insurance in order to compensate those who are victims of an accident. Because of the inherent dangers of boating, the risks of serious injury or death are apparent. Additionally, the fact that alcohol consumption is so common in recreational boating only increases the likelihood of accidents on our Texas waterways.


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