Dallas is known for its restaurants and night-life. But what happens when your night out on the town turns into a ghastly sickness because of a Food Poisoning Accident? Food poisoning can result in extreme and disabling pain and can even result in death. It can lead to long hospital stays and astronomical medical bills. Therefore, do not take this condition lightly. Likely, it will not just pass on its own. Without prompt medical attention the results of a Food Poisoning accident can become tragic.

Food poisoning is a general term that refers to a defective of contaminated food product. But it can result from many different causes. Here are some examples:

Improper Hygiene

Have you ever seen those signs in a restaurant restroom that say "All Employees Must Wash Hands." Well, there is a specific reason for that. Bathrooms can harbor many infectious germs and bacteria. If those contaminants are taken onto the kitchen or food prep area, they can be transferred to the food consumed by customers like you causing a Food Poisoning Accident. Therefore, it is crucial that the employees maintain proper hygiene while on duty.

Dirty or Contaminated Kitchen Area

Bacteria grows in unclean environments. Its safe to say that the kitchen and food preparation areas must be kept clean and sanitized. That includes everything from the preparation surfaces, counter-tops, and cooking utensils.

Improper Cooking and Storage Temperatures

Food must be cooked to a certain temperature in order to kill bacteria and parasites that naturally occur in different types of meats. This is especially true of poultry (such as chicken) and pork products. Failure to cook these foods to the right internal temperatures will increase the chances that someone falls victim to a Food Poisoning Accident.

There are many buffet style restaurants in the Dallas area. Also, fast food restaurants often pre-cook and store many of their food items before they are actually sold. Therefore, these restaurants use heat lamps or refrigeration units to keep their food at certain temperature in order to minimize the growth of bacteria.


Foreign Objects

It's not just parasites and bacteria that can make food products dangerous. Many times food can be contaminated with foreign objects such as broken glass and metal pieces.

The origin of these objects can come from anywhere such as a broken glass or improperly maintained equipment or cooking utensils. When you ingest these foreign objects, they can result in chipped or cracked teeth and even serious internal injuries.


Health Departments Inspections

Each major city in the Dallas / Fort Area maintains it own agency that inspects and regulates restaurants. They review everything from employee hygiene procedures, food preparation and storage, and many other factors.

When an inspector sees something that needs correcting, they issue and notice to the restaurant management. Then, a later inspection will be scheduled to determine whether the issues have been corrected properly. If the violations are severe enough, a health inspector can fine the establishment and even close it down.



Call an experienced personal injury attorney who has successfully represented clients that have been the victimized by contaminated food products. Do not try to contact the restaurant yourself. You risk jeopardizing your case by saying or doing something that will affect your ability to pursue your claim.

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