Tips to Stay Safe this Labor Day Weekend

Dallas Personal Injury LawyerLabor Day is a US national holiday which commemorates the social and economic contributions of labor workers in America.  It has been observed since 1894, but with the decline of union membership, the holiday has been used as an opportunity for cookouts and large gatherings of family and friends.  With the many celebrations over the Labor Day weekend, however, comes an increase in the number of accidents, personal injuries, and fatalities.  Here are some tips to stay safe and have an enjoyable long weekend:

1.  Know your Limits:  Do not drink alcohol in excess.  If you think you will be in a situation where you might get intoxicated, either have a designated driver of call a cab.  Many restaurants and bars will also offer free cab rides for their customers during holidays.

2.  Drive Safely:  Expect traffic to be heavy on the Friday afternoon before the start of the Labor Day weekend.  Do not speed or drive erratically.  Take your time and be courteous to other motorists on the roads.

3.  Be Safe on the Lake:  Labor Day has also come to symbolize the end of the summer.  Likewise, everyone would like to get one more day out on the lake with their boats, personal watercraft, jet skis, wake-boards and tubes.  Always observe boating safety.  Always stay around other people and do not venture out onto the lake alone.  Always wear you life-jacket and be aware of other boaters on the lake.  Follow all safety precautions and drink responsibly.

We at the Law Offices of Robert C. Slim wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.

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