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“Cost & Necessity” Affidavits in Texas.

What is a “Cost & Necessity” Affidavit in Texas? In Texas, a “cost & necessity” affidavit is used in the litigation process as evidence of expenses or damages incurred in a civil suit. The use of this affidavit is governed under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Chapter 18. It is routinely referred to by […]

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“We Can’t Lose!” The Myth of the “Cut & Dry” Case.

I hear it all the time:  “My case is clear.”  We have a “cut and dry case.”  However, the insurance company is denying the claim?  “Let’s just go to trial.  We can’t lose!” Since 1994, when I started as a personal injury lawyer in Dallas, I hear so many clients tell me that there is

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How to Handle Eye-Witnesses in your Injury Case

In a perfect world, witnesses will present themselves and cooperate.  They will cooperate with you and your attorney while preparing for your big day in court.  They will deliver the perfect testimony without any hesitance or hostility. However, not all personal injury cases are perfect.  Nor is any other legal case perfect. Helpful witnesses handle

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Comparative and Contributory Negligence

Many times I have potential clients call me and say that they were injured in a car crash that was not their fault, but the “adjuster is putting some percentage negligence on me….”  This is called comparative negligence. Under Texas law, comparative negligence may be a partial or total defense to a civil claim for

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Can the Non-Use of a Seat Belt Be Used Against Me in a Car Accident Case

In 2015, the Texas Supreme Court ruled in Nabors Well Services v. Romero that the non-use of seat belts is admissible in an auto accident case. The History of the Case The case involved an accident in which a Suburban collided with a semi-truck.  There was one fatality and others sustaining serious injuries.  No one in the

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Time for Professional Jurors

Casey Anthony was found “Not Guilty” of murder.  O.J. Simpson was found “Not Guilty” of murder.  Being a trial lawyer in the Dallas / Fort Worth area since 1994, it seriously concerns me when I see jury after jury deliver questionable verdicts.  It’s about time that we as a nation reconsider our jury system before the United

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Jury Duty – Part III of IV

Now the jurors are back in the hall and the attorneys are in the courtroom conferring with the judge about some of the responses from the panel members.  The judge will ask the bailiff to individually call one or more of the panel members back into the courtroom to further discuss the juror’s answers or comments during the voir dire process. 

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Jury Duty – Part II of IV

You have been summoned for jury duty and made it through the administrative stage.  Now, you are seated in the courtroom awaiting jury selection.  It is at this point that the attorneys and the judge finally get to personally converse with the panel members.  This process is called “voir dire,”  which, translated from French, means “to speak the

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