Need Advice on Hit and Run Accident

Question:  What should I do?  I was involved in a hit and run.  I was hit from behind.  I called the police , but the other driver ran away before the police came.  My car had major damage.   This other car was totaled and he left it in the middle of the road when he ran away.

Robert C. Slim’s Answer:  The first thing you should do is seek medical attention for any injuries that you sustained in the accident. The next thing you should do is contact an attorney who specializes in car accident cases. You will need to get the police report and then file a claim with your insurance company.  They will get your car repaired or replaced with your collision or uninsured motorist coverage.  If the other driver is identified, you might be able to get a claim filed on their insurance.  But I would recommend that you get started with your insurance company first.

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