Client Communication

A client, or potential client, must be able to consult directly with the attorney.  If you are the victim of an accident or other personal injury, you are probably confused by this unforeseen event.  At this critical point, good client communication is very important.  I have been practicing personal injury litigation in the Dallas and Fort Worth area since 1994.  During that time I have concluded that too many personal injury lawyers tend to be out of touch with their clients.

In my office, I understand and appreciate that it is extremely difficult for a client to hand off a serious legal matter to an attorney only to be left in the dark about the status or progress of their case.  The client needs (and deserves) to know that the lawyer is always moving forward with the case and not letting things sit idle.  It is true that legal matters do take time to resolve.  But the last thing a client needs is any extra delay because the attorney is not being diligent in pursuit of the client’s case.

Of course, at my office, I do what I can to make sure that clients (and potential clients) are able to reach me when they have any questions or concerns about their case.  First, my telephone number rings directly in my office.  Likewise, my calls are not intercepted or filtered through a secretary or paralegal.  Second, if I am not in the office, my telephone calls are forwarded to my cell phone.  Third, I commonly communicate through email.  Therefore, I always make my direct email address available to anyone who needs to reach me.  And last, in the event you do reach my voice-mail, I make it a point to return the call the same day or evening.

For more information regarding wrongful death and personal injury cases in the Dallas & Fort Worth area, contact Attorney Robert C. Slim, at (214) 321-8225, for a free consultation.

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