Letter to a Personal Injury Attorney

Being a personal injury attorney can have its drawbacks.  Many view these lawyers as incredulous and sleezy.  But helping those who cannot help themselves has its benefits and can be very rewarding.  For example, I recently received an email from a client that I would like to share.  It is one of the most touching testimonials I had ever received from a client:

“Looking for an attorney? The information below may able to end your search!

“When you think of an attorney, What are some of the stereo typical things that come to mind? Can I trust this person? Will he or she handle my case appropriately? How do I know this attorney is for me? Will I get the best possible results?  Does he or she know how serious I feel my case is? Cost? As we all know, when obtaining legal representation there is some degree of apprehension.

“Well, I am a client of Attorney Robert Slim and I am speaking from personal experience.  Throughout my case Mr. Slim always kept my best interest at the forefront of everything. I was informed of step by step processes, potential outcomes and educated on certain aspects of my case and was included in all of the decision making.

“Mr. Slim exuded professionalism in every sense of the word. I was not only surprised, but felt assured that my case was taken seriously.

“Communication was never a factor. These lines were always open. Mr. Slim always made himself available via phone, email and face to face meetings. An attorney who gives your case this sort of attention is the type of attorney you want in you corner.

“His integrity stood above the rest. I’ve met quiet a few attorneys in my time who lacked a lot to be desired in this area; but Mr. Slim was definitely not one of them.   His commitment & dedication to my case from start to finish with no loose ends was phenomenal.

“And last but definitely not least, “trust”.  Because Mr. Slim showed all of the previously listed characteristics, trust was definitely not an issue. I was able to put my mind at ease and let him do what was he was retained to do, which he did with what seemed like effortless ease.

“Thank you Attorney Robert Slim.”

As a  personal injury attorney, I have had my share of very challenging and difficult cases.  But it gives me great pleasure to help victims of wrongful death and serious personal injuries in the Dallas & Forth Worth area.  For more information, contact Attorney Robert C. Slim, at (214) 321-8225, for a free consultation.

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