Dallas Injury Attorney Announces Case Settlement

Dallas Personal Injury LawyerDallas personal injury attorney, Robert C. Slim, announces that he has reached a tentative settlement in a rather difficult car accident case.  Although settling a car accident case is not uncommon, this particular case poses some specific challenges.  The damages to the vehicle was not very extensive.  However, the medical treatment approached costs of approximately $50,000.  Another difficulty is that the client carried no health insurance, personal injury protection nor any under-insured motorist coverage.

The case settled for the minimum policy limits of $30,000, with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier, and these are the only funds available to conclude the case.

“The challenging part now is to satisfy as much of the outstanding medical bills without jeopardizing the settlement,” say Robert Slim.  Unfortunately, the policy limits in this particular case are insufficient to pay all the medical expenses.  The plan, therefore, is to negotiate down as much of the outstanding medical expenses as possible in order to net a favorable recovery to the client.  “Otherwise, the client has no incentive to conclude the settlement and no one will be paid anything.  It’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole,” Attorney Slim says jokingly.

Throughout his experience as a Dallas personal injury lawyer, Robert Slim has never backed down from a challenging case.  He maintains a reputation of trust within the legal community that helps him accomplish things that other lawyers may have difficulty accomplishing.  If you have any questions regarding your car accident or personal injury case, call Robert C. Slim for a free, no obligation, consultation at (214) 321-8225.

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