Most Common Causes of Car Wrecks in Texas

Throughout my years as a car wreck attorney in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, I have handled my fair share of accident cases.  Even though every case has its own set of facts and circumstances, there are some themes that tend to become more common than others.  Here are some examples of the most common causes of car wrecks that I have noticed in my career. 


“Speed kills.”  This is just not a meaningless saying.  In fact, of the fatalities in car wreck in the State of Texas in 2021, approximately 1/3 of those fatalities were due to speeding.  Speed limits are there for a reason.  They take into account the configuration of the roads, traffic congestion, as well as the roadway surroundings.  Failing to observe the posted speed limits not only puts you in danger, but also those around you.


Semi truck on highway with overpass

Following Too Closely.

Tailgating seems to be one of the most common causes of car wreck that I have seem in my career.  Following too closely accounts for the vast majority of rear end collisions.  Additionally, they account for many of the highway accidents which tend to cause more serious, multi-vehicle wrecks.

Failing to Yield the Right of Way Turning Left.

When turning left, know what your lights mean.  Green arrow means that you have a protected left turn and oncoming traffic must stop and give you the right of way.  A green light does not give you a protected left turn.  You must yield to oncoming traffic since there light is most likely also green.

Improper Lane Changes.

Failing to check your blind spot can lead to disastrous results on the road.  Not only do you risk colliding with the vehicle in the other lane, you also risk over-correcting and losing control of your own vehicle.  At the same time, ad river should avoid being in someone’ blind spot.  Essentially, if you cannot see the other driver in their own sideview mirror, then you are probably in that vehicle’s blind spot.

Distracted Driving

Car Wreck Attorney in DallasWhen it comes down to it, people are always on their phones.  Unfortunately, this also includes the time when they are driving a car.  You see it everyday on our Texas roads.  Put the phone down and concentrate on getting to your destination safely.  Nothing can be that serious as to risk a serious car wreck because you need to send a text.  If there is some sort of emergency and you have to use your phone, pull off the road to a safe place.

To combat this crisis, more and more laws and ordinances are being enacted to prohibit the use of phones while driving.

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