The Intersection Collision

Question:  I was involved in an accident at an intersection.  My light was green.  I had the right of way, but I think the other driver is going to say they had the green light.  What do I do?

Answer:  Intersection collisions pose an opportunity for the parties to have different versions of the accident.  This is because fault in these types of accident usually depends upon the color of each driver’s light.  Unless there are eye- witnesses or other objective factors that support one version or another, these cases usually become a “swearing match” between the drivers.

You need to know if there were any witnesses that came forward.  If there was an eye-witness that supports your story that your light was green, then you should be okay.  Once the police report comes out, see what it says. If the police report says you were at fault, see if there are any witnesses listed on the police report.  Your insurance company will call the witnesses and get their version of the events.  Sometimes, the police report gets it wrong even though the witnesses say something different.

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