Robert C. Slim Named Three Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Dallas

Three-Best Rated has named Robert C. Slim one of the best rated personal injury attorneys in Dallas three years in a row.

Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney in Dallas

In 2017, Robert C. Slim was first honored with the designation of one of the top three rated personal injury attorneys in Dallas, Texas, by Three-Best Rated.  This did not come easy.  But, for three more years thereafter, Mr. Slim would continue to enjoy this honor.

How Did He Do it?

Simple.  Make sure the focus is always on the client.  “I adhere to the philosophy that the client is the boss.  I always look at the case from your client’s perspective.”

Most, if not all, attorneys will put their best foot forward when they first meet the client.  This is especially true if the attorney wants to client’s case.

“It’s not what you do on the first day or week of representing the client that counts.”  Mr. Slim has always felt that it is how you finish a case that really matters.

Make Sure the Client is Well-Informed.

When someone is injured in an accident, they are in foreign territory.  What the client wants is answers.

And not just vague answers or a sales pitch.  But real concrete answers.

Take the time to explain the entire process and how it works.  Go over all the potential outcomes and make sure the client has a realistic outlook.  Sometimes, you might tell a client something they don’t want to hear.  But they will appreciate your honesty.

Good Communication.

I make it a point to stay in touch with my client throughout their case.

I follow the client throughout their medical treatment and collect their records along the way.  Once the client is released from medical treatment, it is that much easier to prepare the case for submittal to the insurance company.

I also make sure the client’s file is constantly updated with current information and evidence as it becomes available.

Personal injury cases do not normally get resolved quickly.  But at least the attorney can make sure that any delays are not the attorney’s fault.

“Lower-Fee Guarantee.”

As I stated at the beginning of this article, the client is the boss.  Therefore, the attorney should not come out of the case looking better than the client.  That’s what I was taught at the beginning of my career.  And that is what I have continued to do in my own practice.

Although there may be a handful of other attorneys in Dallas that might follow this practice, I am not aware of any other attorney that puts it in writing.  I do.

About Robert C. Slim

Since 1994, I have been representing victims of wrongful death and serious personal injuries in the Dallas area for car wrecks, 18 wheeler and trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents and more.  I have learned that success of a case depends on preparation and communication with the client.  Call now for a free consultation and personal case review.

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