Five Things to Remember When Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer


When you are injured, you want to get a quick resolution to your case. However, you should not hire the first lawyer out of the phone book.  You should choose an attorney with expertise and expertise in personal injury and wrongful death. You need an attorney who will bring the most out of your case.  But beware of the warning signs that you should not ignore. You should avoid any attorney with any of these “red flags.”

Five thing to consider when hiring  a personal injury attorney.
  1. Lack of Communication. This includes not responding to calls or emails in a reasonable amount of time.  For example, if you routinely do not get a response within 24 hours, this might be sign of a communication problem. Send an email or certified letter documenting your attempts to reach them. If you still don’t get a response, it might be time to find another attorney.
  2. Inattention. If you are meeting with your attorney, and they are taking calls, cutting your time short, interrupting, not answering questions, not listening, or ignoring you, simply end the meeting and leave. Likewise, if they do not look over your documents, or seem unprepared, it’s time to go.
  3. Making Grand Promises. We live in a world of uncertainties.  To put it bluntly, any case can be lost. Therefore, if your lawyer is trying to pump you up with guaranteed outcomes of your case, you are most likely being played.
  4. Bad Reviews. This is a very good indicator of what you might be getting in a lawyer.  It is very rare for a lawyer to have 100% positive reviews.  Not every lawyer can make every client happy.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad lawyers.  Rather, what you look for is a pattern of bad reviews, especially about the same or similar issues.
  5. State Bar of Texas. Check the state bar website. You check to see if the attorney eligible to practice law or if their license is suspended. Additionally, Texas lawyers are governed by rules of professional conduct, and must adhere to them. Grievances may be filed against an attorney. This can lead to sanctions with the consequences publicized.
Bigger is not Necessarily Better.

The television airwaves are full of attorneys that advertise.  Why do they advertise?  Because the want to get as many cases as they can.  The more cases the better.  The question you have to ask yourself is “Where does my case fit into the mix?”

Think about your lawyer as your partner.  Therefore, you would expect your partner to work closely with you and maintain a personal line of communication.  Therefore, too many cases mean less individual attention to the client.

Call my office.  Since 1994, I have tailored my practice to focus on the needs of the client and their case.  In my office, you are not a file number.  You are a person who is on a first name basis with your lawyer.  Personal injury law is my specialty and not just a sideline.  See what a difference personal attention can make.

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