A Personal Injury Settlement & My “Lower Fee Guarantee”

Lower Fee Guarantee

In this article, I describe how a personal injury settlement might be paid between the attorney’s fees, medical bills and client’s share. And then, I am going to describe my “Lower Fee Guarantee” and how it protects the client in the settlement.

Let’s assume that you are involved in a car accident in which you sustained an injury.  You decide to hire a personal injury lawyer.  You sign a typical contingency fee contract in which the attorney’s fees are based upon a percentage of 33 1/3% (or one-third) of the gross settlement.

Here is an example of how a settlement of $60,000 (with $30,000 medical bills) might look:

  • Gross Settlement Amount:  $60,000
  • Attorney Fees:  – $20,000
  • Medical Expenses Paid:  – $30,000
  • Client’s Net Recovery:  $10,000

As you can see, the client’s share of the settlement is a lot less than the attorney’s fees.  There are, however, ways to increase the client’s net recovery.  One way is to negotiate your medical bills.  In the example above, if the attorney is able to work out a $7,000 reduction in the medical expenses, then the client’s bottom line would increase.

  • Gross Settlement Amount:  $60,000
  • Attorney Fees:  – $20,000
  • Medical Expenses Paid:  – $30,000 reduced to $23,000
  • Client’s Net Recovery:  $17,000

By negotiating the medical bills, the client’s share has increased by $7,000. Under these circumstances, many (if not all) Dallas personal injury attorneys will conclude the settlement on these terms.

How we are different.

I don’t stop there.  Rather, I am of the opinion that the client should walk away from a personal injury settlement with more money than the attorney.  Not only have I followed this philosophy for my entire career, I also put in my contract!  I call it my “Lower Fee Guarantee.”

Here’s how it works….

In the previous examples, the client ended up with less money than the attorney.  That was true even though the attorney was successful in negotiating the medical bills.  However, I take it one step further.  I will agree to reduce my fee so that the client’s net recovery is greater than the attorney’s fees.

Building on the examples above, here is how such a calculation might look:

  • Gross Settlement Amount:  $60,000
  • Attorney Fees:  – $20,000 reduced to $18,300
  • Medical Expenses Paid:  – $30,000 reduced to $23,000
  • Client’s Net Recovery:  $18,700

As you can see, by reducing the attorney’s fees from $20,000 to $18,300, the client’s net recovery is now more than the attorney’s fees.  That’s what make me different than the others.

Want To Learn More About My “Lower Fee Guarantee?”

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If you are interested in this article, then chances are that you are considering hiring a lawyer. But you might also have doubts about whether a lawyer will help you or just take all your money. With my Lower Fee Guarantee, you will be able to hire an experienced attorney knowing that your best interests are my priority.

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