95-Car Pile Up on I-77 Kills Three

Dense fog and high speeds are the main factors police officials say lead to a 95 car pile-up occurring on Easter Sunday on a stretch of Interstate 77 in Virginia.  At least three were killed and at 25 were injured.  The vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction traffic collision while the roadway was covered in very dense fog.  Accident investigators say that, despite warning signs being posted about foggy conditions in the area, people were still driving too fast.  Witnesses also claim they could not see anything through the fog as they could hear the vehicles colliding with each other in the background.  Some vehicle also exploded and caught fire in the accident.

The injured victims were taken to area hospitals for treatment of bodily injuries ranging from relatively minor to critical life-threatening injuries.  Police and emergency officials spent all day and night clearing the highway of the wreckage and debris.  The stretch of highway was not reopened until this morning.

Speed and weather conditions can play a major role in causing deadly accidents on our highways.  Drivers should exercise extreme caution when operating a motor vehicle in bad weather such as fog, heavy rain and snow.  Traffic accidents involving cars, motorcycles and large trucks can result in serious personal injuries and even death when drivers do not pay attention and drive at a reduced speed in bad weather.

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