Boy is Victim of Serious Dog Bite

Many people are victims of serious personal injuries caused by dog bites and animal attacks.  On the afternoon of April 2, 2013, an eight year old boy was the victim of an attack from his own family dog.  The boy was taken to the hospital after being severely bitten by the family’s bulldog resulting in a massive injury to an artery in the the boy’s arm .  Now the boy might lose his arm as a result of extensive damage caused by the dog bite.  The boy’s father stated that the dog has “territorial issues.”  The animal has since been removed from the home and euthanized.

Every home owner has the duty to use reasonable care that their pet does not cause injuries or damages to the person or property of another.  If a dog owner is negligent, or if the dog had a history of violent behavior, then the owner may be legally responsible for bodily harm caused by the attack.  A dog owner, especially one who has notice that their animal may have “territorial issues,”  has reason to believe that their animal might have a tendency to be dangerous.  Likewise, the owner must exercise reasonable care to prevent their dog from causing injury to another person.

It’s a shame that this incident occurred in the family home.  Maybe this particular dog should have been removed from the home prior to this incident.  Nevertheless, an injury claim on behalf of the boy should be made with the homeowner’s insurance company.

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