Dallas Personal Injury Attorney Implements “Settlement Satisfaction Policy”

Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys FeesSince 1994, Dallas personal injury lawyer, Robert C. Slim, has listened to the needs of his clients.  “One thing that gives personal injury lawyers such a bad name is when they collect all their fees from a client’s settlement while the client gets almost nothing.”  We have all heard stories about attorneys taking their fees out of an injury settlement while the client walks away with a relatively small amount.  What Mr. Slim’s “Settlement Satisfaction Policy” does is help the client get a higher dollar amount from the settlement than the amount of the attorney’s fees.

In a typical personal injury case, the lawyer’s contingency fee is based upon a percentage of the total amount collected.  But medical expenses also come out of that amount.  Sometimes, what is left for the client is a small fraction of the entire settlement while the attorney and doctors walk away with almost all the money.  The client’s net recovery can, however, be increased by the attorney negotiating the amount paid to the medical providers.  However, if the client’s net recovery is still less than the lawyer’s fees, Mr. Slim will reduce his fees by an amount necessary to make the client’s dollar figure higher than the attorney’s.  This way, the client can feel more comfortable that the attorney is recommending a settlement with the best interests of the client in mind.

“However, there are some exceptions to this policy,” says Robert Slim.  ” For example, I may not reduce my fees in cases where the client has given up on the case and forces me to accept a settlement against my advice.”  Website visitors are encouraged to read more about how contingency fees are calculated in a personal injury case and how Mr. Slim’s Settlement Satisfaction Policy works.

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