I Can Handle My Own Injury Case….

In an auto accident? The other driver has admitted fault, but things haven’t been simple. Since the other driver admitted fault , I thought that would make things easy. So, I decided to handle my car accident claim myself.

However, instead of getting the compensation I deserve, I get the run-around from the insurance company.  Meanwhile, I am injured, my car is damaged, I cannot get a rental, the hospital is threatening to put me in collections, and the insurance company is dragging their feet.

What I’m being offered is not nearly enough to cover treatment for my injuries, physical therapy, and my other expenses on top of regular expenses like food, my rent, and taking care of my kids.

I think the insurance company is taking advantage of me.  They made me an offer to settle my injury case and sent me a release to sign.  It’s not enough, but I am desperate. What can I do?

Get a Lawyer.

This is a very familiar story that I have heard since starting my career as a personal injury lawyer in Dallas in 1994.  The answer is simple: Hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent you.

When you represent yourself, you come to the battle with no ammunition.  Since you don’t have the knowledge and experience to enforce your rights, then the insurance company does not see yo as a threat.  Likewise, they want to pay you as little as possible to settle your injury case.

Whether you know it or not, you are not just dealing with the other driver’s insurance company. You’re dealing with many different issues.  These include the hospital, doctors, your own health insurance company, and maybe even medicare or medicaid.

If they think they can get away with low-balling you because you need the money, then that’s what they are going to do. Since you have no means or ability to file a lawsuit if you are unsatisfied, then you have no way to take action to protect and enforce your rights.

And Get a Lawyer Early!

“I will just try to handle the case myself.  If I am not able to get the case settled, I will hire a lawyer at that time.”

A successful personal injury case is much like building a house:  It starts at the beginning with a strong foundation.

A lot of injury victims don’t go to a lawyer in the very beginning.  Unfortunately, that is when most of mistakes happen.  Just a few common mistakes include giving a recorded statement when you shouldn’t have, delay in getting proper medical treatment, or signing something that you shouldn’t have.  But there are a lot more mistakes that you can make without even knowing it.

Let me just say this:  Personal injury lawyers do not take cases if they have to spend too much time fixing all the problems.  There may also be problems that cannot be fixed at all.

So, if you wait, you might not be able to find a lawyer when you need one.  In my career, I have seen many good cases go bad because they were not properly handled.  That is why it important to get a personal injury lawyer on you side as soon as possible.

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