Should I Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

I have been getting many comments on my blogs stating that my website is very “informative and helpful.”  I do appreciate the positive feed-back.  Unlike other websites, I intentionally made my website more informative than the average car accident attorney website.  In my many years of practice in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, one thing I have noticed is that clients do not want to be left in the dark when it comes to their rights.  When I would visit other car accident attorney websites, they would come across as very “commercial” and fail to address the matters that this internet savy generation is seeking.  People want answers, and I don’t mind providing those answers.

However, don’t make the mistake of substituting the information on my website with competent legal representation.  My website and blogs are not posted for the purpose of helping people represent themselves.  Rather, the information is posted so that clients can know the various stages of the process and feel more comforatble when, in fact, they do decide to hire an attorney.

For instance, let’s assume that you need to have a medical procedure done.  You certainly wouldn’t want the doctor to operate on you without you knowing what the doctor is going to do.  But at the same time, if the doctor does explain the surgery to you, that doesn’t mean you can perform the surgery yourself.  Rather the doctor’s information helps “de-mystify” the process.

That is what lawyers should do: De-mystify the process for the client.  But, at the same time, clients should not think that they can handle their cases for themselves without proper legal representation.  When you are in a car accident, there are a great many legal issues that inter-play with each other.  Rest assured that insurance adjusters, although not attorneys, are well trained in investigating and defending car accident claims.  Therefore, when you choose to represent yourself in this situation, you are bringing a knife to a gun fight.  You will unknowingly be doing your case more harm than good.  Then, if you later decide that you need an attorney, you may have already done irreparable harm to your case that the attorney may not be willing to take your case at that point.

My website and blogs, although informative, only scratch the surface of the issues and legal matters involved in a typical car accident case.  This is why an experienced car accident attorney is your best option when you are trying to protect and secure your rights.


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  1. Was in a auto accident my attorney settled the case for 15k over two months now still no check and now he said due to my medical bills I may walk away with 0 .i did all of the leg work myself far as getting my own medical bills he screwed me bad strange thing his fee was taken already

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