Dog Attacks and Leash Laws

Almost every major city in the Dallas, Fort Worth area has some sort of leash law. They are actually ordinances enacted by their respective city councils. There are also requirements that your dog be confined on your property.

If you violate these leash laws and someone is injured by your dog, you could be held liable even if your dog has never bitten anyone in the past. The so-called, “First Free Bite” rule does not apply if you’re in violation of the rules or regulations governing your animal, such as a leash law.

Dog Attacks and Leash Laws in Dallas Fort Worth

For instance…

I had a case where one of my clients was seriously injured by a dog off a leash. My client was simply walking her dog (on a leash) in a Dallas area public park. All of a sudden, she was blind-sided by a dog that was charging towards her dog. My client got struck on her right hip and flipped into the air. When she landed, she sustained a compound fracture to her leg and fracture to her wrist. She had over $100,000 in medical bills and required two surgeries.

It turns out that the dog’s owner had brought the dog to the park and let it run free without a leash. The dog owner was unaware that there was a leash law in his town. Not surprisingly, his homeowners insurance ended paying my client a pretty penny to settle the case.

In the news…

you are hearing more and more about dog maulings and other serious injuries inflicted by dogs that are not properly confined or restrained. These cases are heart-breaking and are completely preventable if dog owners would just act responsibly.

Leash laws are there to protect the general public. Although proper restraint and confinement of your dog protects the general public, it also protects your dog. Whenever your dog runs free it is out of your physical control. Therefore, there is always a chance it could be hit by a car or even encounter another dog.

Get and Experienced Dallas Personal Injury Attorney

As a personal injury attorney in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, I have represented many clients injured by dog attacks. They can include very serious injuries and even death.

If you, or someone you know, is a victim of a dog attack or injury, advise them to get a free consultation from an experienced lawyer. Then you can weigh all your options and decide how to proceed with getting the justice your deserve.

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