Timelines & Deadlines to Remember in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases may seem simple.  If you are injured, then the responsible party should compensate you for your losses and injuries.  However, it’s never this simple. You have to work to prove your claim.  You have to obtain certain pieces of information and keep certain timelines in mind.  Remember that undue delay can become a problem for any injury case. Here are a few tips to make sure you have all the appropriate documentation and details to get your claim paid.

Statute of Limitations in Texas

Each state has its own statute of limitations for personal injury claims. In Texas, the time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years from the date of the accident.  However, I never recommend waiting that long to pay attention to your case.  Pursuing a claim as soon as possible after a personal injury occurs is essential. This ensures that all the evidence in your case is properly obtained and prepared.

Visit a Doctor as Soon as Possible

Visit the doctor or hospital as soon as possible after an accident or injury occurs. This establishes a formal record of your injury and complaints. Delay in seeking medical treatment will weaken your claim that the accident caused your injuries.  The faster you document your complaints and seek treatment for the injury, the stronger your claim looks in your favor.

Keep Documents, Receipts, and Letters

After your accident, you will start to accumulate lots of information and paperwork.  This might include notes, medical receipts, insurance documentation.  Make sure to keep this information safe.  It may play a huge role in the investigation and prosecution of your case.

Also, it make things go much smoother for your attorney in getting your case prepared for potential settlement. Therefore, make sure you keep all of your statements, bills, receipts, and proof of payment in a single, centralized location. If possible, keep originals and scan them into your computer. Keeping written documentation and official correspondence is evidence that will validate specific dollar amounts and hard numbers to back up your claim.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

While it may be tempting to represent yourself, it is a mistake.  And it is a mistake that can have devastating effects on your case that cannot be easily corrected.   You run the risk of saying or doing something to hurt your case.  Furthermore, insurance adjusters will take advantage of you and may even ignore your case altogether.  This is because you are powerless to enforce your rights.

The solution is simple.  Get an experienced personal injury attorney  with a successful track record of results and client satisfaction. This is the type of attorney that you need to go to bat for you. Contact the right lawyer as soon as possible.  Your case will be handled more efficiently and increase your chances of receiving just compensation.

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