Dallas Attorney Revises Contingency Fee Contract

Attorney Robert C. SlimDallas attorney, Robert C. Slim, announces that he has made some major revisions to the terms of his contingency fee contracts in personal injury cases.  The most significant revision was the “Lower-Fee Guarantee.”  So many times, personal injury attorneys enforce their contingency fees without due regard for the net recovery of the client.  Under this new clause, Robert Slim pledges that the net recovery of the client will be more than the attorney’s fee, even if the attorney has to reduce his fee.  “Since this is the way I have always operated my practice, I figured I ought to put it writing for the client’s peace of mind.”

Under a typical contingency fee agreement, the attorney’s fees are usually calculated as a percentage of the gross recovery.  “But by the time you deduct the fee, expenses and medical bills, the client is left with a relatively small amount.  That needs to change.”  says long-time North Texas attorney Robert C. Slim.  “I know many law firms will agree with me on this issue, but I am probably one of the very few personal injury attorneys that will put this pledge in writing.”  Of course, this arrangement depends upon the cooperation of the client throughout the case, which normally isn’t a problem anyway.

Other changes to the contract include more clarification as to which expenses are recoverable from the settlement.  Many lawyers out there charge for everything, including paper, envelopes, faxes, etc.  Not Attorney Slim.  His expenses only include those costs directly connected with the case such as fees for medical records, court filing fees and other similar expenses.  “I don’t think it is right for a lawyer to charge the client for stationary and use of office equipment.  These are  just general overhead and operating costs,” says Robert.  “Any expenses that I get reimbursed for on a case are evidenced by a receipt, check, or invoice showing the exact amount and reason for the expense.”

Robert C. Slim has been practicing in the Dallas / Fort Worth area since 1994, representing those who have suffered a serious injury or loss of a loved one at the hands of others.  If you are the unfortunate victim of the negligent conduct of another person or company, contact Robert C. Slim and put your mind at ease.  Totally free consultation on your wrongful death and personal injury case.  Speak with Attorney Robert C. Slim now.

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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if u practice law in other states (Houston,TX)?!?!? I live in Cypress, TX.

    My situation is I presently have a Personal Injury Attorney and, we are now in the tweaking stages of the Demand Letter. However, I do not feel my attorney is giving me ALL the info & details I need from him especially, considering he stand to get 33 1/3% which is so hard for me to both FATHOM & DIGEST. Thats ALOT of money & I feel tht I have been BOTH the PARALEGAL & Executive Admin or, Secretary! My questions aren’t being answered in addition to a lot of other things. I asked how he derived at the number we’re seeking and he’s yet to give me an answer. In addition, I asked if we could up the number bcuz once his money comes out and what’s left have to be negotiated we would probably walk away with MAJOR DWINDLED FUNDS! Bcuz, it’s a Contingency Contract, I was wondering if u wld b interested in speaking w/me should I decide to terminate my contract. And, I wanted to know if you didn’t practice here in Houston, if maybe you had contacts here tht you could possibly refer me to should my relationship with my present attorney ceases. Thanks kindly for your time, look forward to hearing from someone soon!

    1. As you can see, I am a personal injury attorney in Dallas. I normally handle car accidents in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, as well as other injury cases. However, I am happy to discuss your case and answer your questions as best I can. Fell free to give me a call at your convenience. You might also read my article regarding dropping your personal injury attorney.

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