Jury Awards $26M to Motorcycle Accident Victim

Motorcycle accidents have a much greater risk of resulting in very serious injuries, including head injuries and permanent brain damage.  That is why bikers usually wear helmets.  But when a motorcycle rider decides not to wear a helmet, the results can be devastating.

A 31 year-old Iraqi war veteran, Dustin Brink, learned the hard way what can happen if you ride a motorcycle without a helmet.  When his bike was struck by a car, he fell and violently hit his head against the asphalt.  Mr. Brink sustained serious permanent injuries to his frontal and temporal lobes. He now has lost all ability to perform many routine daily tasks.

After filing a lawsuit, a jury awarded Mr. Brink $26 million dollars for his injuries.  However, the jury also assigned 50% negligence to Mr. Brink for not wearing a helmet.  This would cut Brink’s award by half.  This is called contributory negligence or comparative negligence. Under Texas law, had he been assigned anything more than 50% negligence, then Mr. Brink would have recovered nothing.

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