Finding a Personal Injury Attorney

Finding and hiring the right personal injury attorney is the most important step in pursuing your wrongful death or personal injury case.  The general public is overwhelmed with the numerous commercials on television of personal injury attorneys wanting your case.  Although hiring these lawyers may be convenient, it may not be the best option.  Personal injury attorneys who advertise on TV tend to be more interested in the volume of cases they are able to get.  The more cases they sign up, then the more cases they settle and the more money they make.  However, with more cases, the quality of the legal representation may be compromised since the cases are routinely handled through secretaries and paralegals.  So how should someone go about finding a personal injury attorney?

A reference from a  friend or relative is a good way to find a lawyer.  With a reference, you at least have some immediate feedback of the lawyer’s services.  Another good way to find a lawyer is through the internet.  For instance, if you do a search for a “Dallas personal injury attorney” you will have many results that you can review.  The advantage is that the potential client can now read each attorney’s website at their own pace and contact numerous lawyers to discuss their case.  Unlike a single TV commercial, the internet provides an avenue to research numerous lawyers before making a decision.

When you call most personal injury attorneys, you will probably be transferred to a member of the lawyer’s staff to discus your case.  However, I believe that a lawyer should be personally involved in every aspect of the client’s case from the beginning to the end.  That is the way I have run my practice over the years, and this is how I will continue to run my practice.  If the attorney, however, is unavailable to personally talk to you, then you should be very wary of hiring that lawyer.

For more information regarding wrongful death and personal injury cases in the Dallas & Fort Worth area, contact Attorney Robert C. Slim, at (214) 321-8225, for a free consultation.

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