What You Need When Meeting with Your Personal Injury Attorney

Meeting with a personal injury attorney can be very stressful.  However, it helps to have a checklist of documents and information that your attorney will need to make a thorough evaluation of your case. Either you or someone else should gather the following information, put it all in one place, and present this to the attorney when you meet for your appointment.

But Don’t Delay In Calling an Attorney

In my years as a Dallas personal injury attorney, I am seeing more and more insurance companies contacting parties very early on before they can consult with an attorney.  The reason for this is simple:  They want to get to you before you protect your rights through an attorney.

You probably won’t have most of the information or documents at the very beginning after an accident.  But you should call an attorney anyway.  The attorney will be able to get all of this information throughout the representation.  So, don’t hesitate to call just because you lack some of the information or documents listed below.

Information Checklist
  • Parties involved in the accident.
  • Witnesses to the accident.
  • Insurance company name, claim numbers and adjuster contact information.
  • Names and contact information for the ambulance service, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, or hospitals.
  • Doctor information who has treated you for your injuries.
  • Dates that you have missed work because of your injuries.
Document Checklist
  • Copy of the accident report.
  • Copies of any witness statements.
  • Any correspondence or documentation from auto insurance or health insurance companies.
  • Medical and ambulance bills.
  • Receipts or estimates for any repairs to your automobile.
  • Notes of any conversations with adjusters, hospitals, or other parties.
  • Notices of liens against your case.
  • Any of your medical records that you have.

It’s more important that you contact an attorney early on rather than wait while your gather this information yourself.  That’s because the insurance company is surely working on their end to cover their bases.

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